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Kendo Keiko

Kendo training in Shibuya : February and March

We have updated the schedule of December and January. If you “Like!” our Facebook page, you can know detail. Here is our Facebook patge. Facebook page Event 【Keiko-kai Scedule】 At : Shibuya-ku sports center 2/3(Sun)11:00〜13:15 2/11(Mon)18:00〜21:00 2/17(Sun)15:45〜21:00 2/24(Sun)18:00〜21:00 3/3(Sun)18:00〜21:00 3/9(Sat)9:00〜11:00 3/10(Sun)15:45〜21:00 3/17(Sun)15:45〜21:00 3/21(Thur)13:30〜15:30 3/24(Sun)18:00〜21:00