Open Kendo Tournaments in Japan


Kendo is one of the nationally famous competitions in Japan and more than 1.7 million people practice it.
There would be some people who have trained Kendo in Japan through their connections.
If you train Kendo in Japan, you can experience and feel real Japanese Kendo, dojo facilities and atmosphere.
But there would be some people who also want to join tournament in Japan.

In order to participate in Japanese Kendo tournament, it is necessary to belong to school kendo club, dojo or company kendo team , but there are some open competitions in which even you can join as individuals.

So, in this article, I will introduce the Famous Open Kendo Tournament being held in Japan and how to participate in that tournament.

Zanshin-cup (Tokyo)

This is the open tournament held by Japanese Kendo Bar, Zanshin.
Zanshin was opened by RF tecnica, construction firm in Japan. RF tecnica owes strong Kendo team and has got a second prize of Kanto business group kendo tournament.

  • Date : 24th of February 2019
  • Program : Both adults and kids.
  • Fee : 1,000 yen *free for kids
  • registration : Facebook


Otu-hai is held in Mimasaka City where Miyamoto Musashi’s birthplace. This is the biggest and most famous Kendo festival for women. Powerful female Kendo athletes from all over Japan and around the world gather and join tournament. It is held every autumn.

  • Date : October or November *not yet fixed
  • registration and Fee : You need to ask Mimasaka City. It costs about 3,000 yen per person. You can also reserve hotel through this event

Tokyo Sports Festival (Tokyo)

Open Kendo Tournament held at Tokyo Budo-kan in every spring and autumn.
Many Kendo-ka, from university students to working people participate this tournament. Both individual and team tournament.

Besides that, Wada-ki held in Fukushima Prefecture and open tournament in Tochigi Prefecturefamous is also famous.

If you have any interests on these tournaments, why don’t you join?