Kendo Keiko-kai in Tokyo, Shibuya [ 24th of Novemver ]


We are planning to hold Kendo Open Keiko-kai on 24th of November in Tokyo, Shibuya.
Last time, we have held keiko-kai 11th of November and many about 40 kendo-ka joined! Thank you very much.
20 years old to 30 years old age are the most but there were also elementary school kids and high-dan sensei.

We hope you all enjoy our keiko-kai.

In this time, we have a lot of time! Many people want to do shiai-keiko so we also plan to do shiai-keiko in this time.
If no one who come to this day want to do shiai, we will just do Ji-geiko.


4th of November, Saturday


We reserved facility from 9:00-13:15. We divid it 2 part.

[Part1] 9:00 Opening
9:30〜11:00 Keiko or shiai

[Part2] 11:00 Opening
11:30〜13:00 Keiko or shiai
13:15 Closing


Shibuya Sports Center B1F Kendo-jo
*You can use shower and locker


500 yen